After Pokemon X and Y come out, GameFreak should take a break from Pokemon

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21_21 posted...
They've been making Pokemon games for over 20 years now without any breaks. I'm sure they're used to it by now.

I might be wrong, but didn't Red and Green get released in 1996 in Japan? It's possible, but I doubt it took them 3+ years to make a GameBoy game.
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I don't see much of a reason to stop anytime soon. Each generation has enough time to manifest itself, so Gen VII will be years away, even after the X/Y release.
But they should try to establish more different genre types with Pokémon. As of yet, there still is not a single Pokémon Action RPG from GF - and I think the franchise has a whole lot of potential to go for a more active style.
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From: Nookytins | #120
Also people are really grasping at straws here if online mode is considered a big change...we had local play in gen 1 with link cables dumb dumbs

hell, they thought reusable machines were a big change

LOL pokemon fanbase
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I see that INTERWEBUSER trolls here too.
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SefcaBlight posted...

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Pokemon MOBA. Seriously, think about it. Four moves to each Pokemon, normally four moves to each champion/hero/whatever in MOBAs. Passives = abilities. Held items = items from the store. Attack = AD, Sp. Atk. = AP.

They'd have to do something about balancing type matchups (probably just ignore them for the most part), but the concept practically writes itself.
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they should take a break from being successful right?
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