After Pokemon X and Y come out, GameFreak should take a break from Pokemon

#21moonlite13Posted 3/30/2013 10:26:09 AM
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I think what TC wants if for them to put all of their effort into a new IP, and not just have a small team make it on the side.
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#24MattnocashPosted 3/30/2013 10:39:47 AM
Yes, Nintendo is completely oversaturated with Pokemon games.
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Yes. I want to see them make more original titles.
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Mattnocash posted...
Yes, Nintendo is completely oversaturated with Pokemon games.

This. I enjoy Pokemon but I can't keep up. I don't have the time to play them anymore. I was going to buy Black or White 2 but decided to skip it when X/Y was announced. The rate they release the games is ok for kids who can play constantly, but for people who HAVE kids, its a little annoying.
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#27kamikaze135Posted 3/30/2013 10:53:24 AM
They've made a bunch of other non-Pokemon games in the past and they've proven that Pokemon is all they are good at making. Pokemon seems to be their forte and they should stick with it.
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#28GenoPosted 3/30/2013 10:59:24 AM
Considering that Game Freak always has a devteam working on the next Pokemon game before every release, chances are they're working on the inevitable Ruby/Sapphire remake, and will start working on the next generation of Pokemon before X and Y even hit QA.
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a ruby/sapphire remake with battle frontier would be BALLER
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