After Pokemon X and Y come out, GameFreak should take a break from Pokemon

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Kurizaka posted...
SMASHKING84 posted...
they change plenty i could list 17 things they changed by the time b/w2 came out but you don't care because it's still turn based...

It has nothing to do with it being turn based. I love that it's turn based, actually. But, you don't care because you have to defend the games no matter what.

except i don't why do you think i hated diamond and pearl as well as b/w one?
and you claim you want change but beyond changing turn based battles they've ALREADY been changing things.
none of these were in gen 1

1.move deleter/relearner
2.double battles
3.held items
4.triple battles play
6.use items like rare candy until they run out
7.register items to select
9.battle tower types

11.vs seeker/match call(god send for grinding)
12.some pokemon have signigture moves like jirachi moves/pokemon
14.friendship system night system
16.season system
17.infinite tms

Again my problem with you isn't you ask for change it's you refuse to acknowledge the changes we already are given. PLUS you haven't given a single suggestion as to what gamefreak should even add.

maybe they should make the game complety touch controlled,completly motion controlled or remove xp and the ability to have more then one pokemon in your party?
because these are the kinds of ideas devs come up with if you say things need to change without ideas as to how.
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Or they could, you know, stop spamming so many games out. By the time you decide to pick up a game you will have realized OH! There's 200 new pokemon!

Really, they should take a BREAK from Pokemon and put their effort on something else. Or at least some other genre if they have to keep it Pokemon-based.
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No! More Pokemon games the better!
What in the name of?
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Tkmajing posted...
No! More Pokemon games the better!

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GameFreak makes awesome games, so I'd be OK with that. As long as the Pokemon break is only like 3 years, 4 max. Harmony Knight proves they can make high quality games in other genres.
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Yes, and they should make me a new Mendel Palace or Drill Dozer sequel!
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People should take a break from making RPGs after Pokemon X and Y.

3DS has enough as it is. -_-
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Sure, I'd like to see a handheld Pokemon game made by Genius Sonority (not the typing game >_>).
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2wingedangel posted...
People should take a break from making RPGs after Pokemon X and Y.

3DS has enough as it is. -_-

unless you count back wards compatibility not really.
and if you count b/c gba had WAY more pokemon games then 3ds

3ds(counting b/c)
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If they have a different group, with some help from the main group, doing it then I would more than welcome it. Otherwise I don't want time diverted from Pokemania.