Do you think the next Nintendo handheld system will be combatable with ds games?

#41BrianCraigSmithPosted 3/31/2013 5:17:06 PM
No. They'll most likely move on to another format. There's always digital though.
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#42RussiaOnePosted 3/31/2013 5:34:13 PM
cucumberking posted...

Yeah, I think they will fight DS games.

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mjc0961 posted...
Same thing with sticking gameboy color games in a gameboy. The problem isn't that it doesn't fit. You can cut that notch off the power switch to make it fit and surprise! The game still won't play because the hardware is wrong.

Except in that case it was a problem with the GBC being a more advanced architecture than GB. There are 2 conditions that need to be met to play a game:
A. Correct processor architecture and hardware.
B. Correct cartridge slot.

mjc0961 posted...
Also, by your logic, Wii U games work on Wii, PS3 and 360 since the disc fits inside all of them. Wrong.

Wii U and PS3/X360 is not an accurate comparison. All Nintendo handhelds (or atleast GBA and later) have used an iteration of the ARM Architecture. ARM Architectures are fully backwards compatible with previous iterations of ARM Architectures.
The Ambassador GBA games on the 3DS were run by backwards compatibility, not emulation. Why do you think you can't access the HOME Menu or Streetpass while running the Ambassador GBA games?

As long as the following conditions are met, the next handheld will be able* to play DS games:
A. It has a cartridge slot that can read 3DS games.
B. Nintendo continues to use an iteration of the ARM Architecture in their next handheld.

*It's still possible that, even if it CAN play DS games, they could block playing of DS games by software. However, if they did this, they'd probably get a lot of backlash for it and it'd be possible to unlock DS playback via hacking.

If it did have 3DS BC but block DS games, there'd be a huge incentive to hack it which would then persuade those people to pirate as well. "I just hacked my 4DS to play DS games, so why not pirate some games too?"
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