Luigi's Mansion 2 or Etrian Odyssey 4?

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I really hate it that EO4 has random encounters.
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Aura_Sphere posted...
lm2. we're reading the odyssey in english class and its boring

I'm sure there's a lot of books about mansions that are equally as dreadful...
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#13confettistormPosted 3/31/2013 7:06:45 AM
Shadow_StarWolf posted...
I really hate it that EO4 has random encounters.

You do know there are skills and items that reduce this rate significantly.
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From: Shadow_StarWolf | #011
I really hate it that EO4 has random encounters.

It's kind of a fake random encounter system, actually. There's a circle in the bottom right corner of the top screen that changes color to let you know how likely it is you'll experience a battle with the next step. You don't get into a battle unless the thing is red, and it always goes from green to red and stays there until the battle (so it won't go green, yellow, red, yellow or whatever).
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This is a surprisingly difficult question to answer.

I have both titles and have completed 90% of EOIV (~60 hours played), so I feel I have a fairly good judge of the game. In contrast, LM2 is a more recent release and I've only been able to log about 10 hours into the game (estimated at 40-50% completion of single player mode).

BOTH titles are outstanding and, in my opinion, must-haves for the 3DS. In the end, if you like/appreciate both types of gameplay equally, EOIV will likely be the best bang for your buck and provide the greatest amount of content per dollar spent. On the other hand, LM2 has such a unique style of gameplay and is one of the more creative games I've played recently that it holds an immense value.

As a fellow gamer that has to carefully pick and choose where I spend my gaming dollars, I made both of these titles a priority and have elected to get both. However, if I HAD to pick one...I would probably lean towards EOIV since it is an Atlus release and its physical copies have a higher chance of becoming scarce, quicker. LM2 will have no shortage of copies around and you may even be able to pick it up used for a decent price before long.
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Aura_Sphere posted...
lm2. we're reading the odyssey in english class and its boring

1. notsureifserious.jpg
2. The Odyssey is boring to you? Do you just not like Greek Mythology or do you spite the teacher?
3. You must be around 14 considering my class finished the Odyssey in Freshman year.

I'd have to say Etrian Odyssey IV if you liked the demo. Otherwise, go with Luigi's Mansion.

Also consider that Luigi's Mansion is a good game to play in short bursts of time. If you need a pick up and play game, it's perfect.
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Luigi's Mansion 2
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Of course, I plan to get both, just figuring out which to buy first.

And I ended up with LM2 because :3
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yawn both old now. SMT Soul Hackers is my reply.
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