so why did rayman origins and sonic all star racing do badly on this?

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3 years ago#1
same with blazblue continuum shift

i just looked them all up and they were extremely cheap compared to the other versions
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3 years ago#2
I don't know about Blaze, but I know the other two sucked on the 3DS
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3 years ago#3
what is it about them that sucked per say

was it there controls, frame rate, drop in graphic quality?

i'd add sonic generations to the list but that game had a much better final boss IMO
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3 years ago#4
drop in graphic quality didnt help when all 3 of these games are on vita and looking exactly like their console counterparts

but neither of these games are triple, double or even single A titles. Rayman is one of my favourite games but its destined for the bargain bin
3 years ago#5
I still can't believe it did so badly the retail price is freaking 12 or 10 dollars on it now

i mean damn is the game so busted that it's damn near unplayable? i know that thanks to the frame rate and bad controls in the sonic all stars game playing on higher levels is pretty much impossible
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3 years ago#6
Reason why BlazBlue tanked, imo, was due to poor advertisement (I didn't even know they had BB on the 3DS until I actually bought the 3DS, which was a couple months after launch), the fact that it has no Online whatsoever, and the fact that there is no Sleep Mode (so you couldn't close the 3DS and put the game to sleep, meaning it would drain the life out of your 3DS).
3 years ago#7
ugh that's unacceptable now i know i have to save up for a vita for when chronophantasma comes out someday
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3 years ago#8
Inferior ports.
3 years ago#9
Rayman Origins it the worst version, way late after not only the console version, but the Vita version. At that point no one was going to pay full prices for the game. It's also a fact that if Ubisoft had done a proper job you would be running an optimized Wii version that would have released along side the Vita version. It's not and it didn't. It was a 4 months late in Europe and 9 months late in NA. Yet Ubisoft has the audacity to delay the WiiU version of Legends for a PS360 version? Bull, they should have just screwed the 360 version, because clearly they don't care about their audience.

Sonic All-Star Racing is also late on 3DS. But more to the point it was outsourced and down graded on the 3DS. There were articles about stupid play testers, read moron kids they pulled in, finding the original console levels too hard. So they down graded the levels. It doesn't help that this time Sega had made the main engine only for HD consoles in mind.

They probably made the 3DS one by gutting the Wii version of the first game, at leased that's what I would expect for a multi-plat like that, that was not built for 3DS power. Why build it from the ground up when the old Wii engine would work, outside the transformation stuff. It's not like you aren't already simplifying the map. Not that it really matters, no one was going to pay console prices on a handheld. People who wanted it already bought it on WiiU/PS360, especially since they heard about the gutting.

Blazblue Continuum Shift was a poor mans PSP port, it just wasn't handled well. I think it didn't help that the 3DS version lacked certain things *cough* online +cough* that people have come to expect with fighters. Let's put it this way. If it ran better than the PSP version, which it should have since 3DS is clearly stronger than not only PSP but PS2 & NGC, & supported online like its competitors Street Fighter IV & DoA Dimention, it would have done better.
3 years ago#10
wow that is truly truly terrible to think i was considering buying these pieces of trash one upon a time

I guess it's a toss up between Code of Princess and Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

both are around the same price but i really am torn as to which game i should get
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