Shin Megami Tensei IV coming to North america!

#1NinjaGamer_23Posted 4/2/2013 12:35:48 AM
#2CrisisOfFatePosted 4/2/2013 12:38:31 AM
Great news.
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#3abbeldydooPosted 4/2/2013 12:41:35 AM
I just made a topic asking if was going to be localized and saw two topics about it being localized lol.Great news,can not wait!
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#4Dr_Koopa76Posted 4/2/2013 1:00:01 AM
According to the press release it will be sold a premium title so it might cost more than $40
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#5yabPosted 4/2/2013 1:00:07 AM
Also, it will cost $50
#6alphame4Posted 4/2/2013 1:01:02 AM
April fools?
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#7abbeldydooPosted 4/2/2013 1:01:10 AM
I am fine with a price hike for this.
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#8HandsomeNerd85Posted 4/2/2013 1:05:01 AM
Give me a Shin Megami related title and I'll give you the money. 50$ whatever.
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#9pariah164Posted 4/2/2013 1:18:04 AM
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#10danny5329Posted 4/2/2013 1:22:56 AM(edited)
SUMMER ???????

Gosh that isunexpectedly early !