SMT IV set to release on July 16, 2013

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MagiusNecros posted...

Unless the preorder bonus is coming out in July as opposed to a year or so.

This. And our 2nd "preorder bonus" is getting a game with full voice acting. And probably our 3rd preorder bonus is a music disc or somthing ;)
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Nickcool1996 posted...
MagiusNecros posted...
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Best news this year.

Looks like that Luigi RPG is gonna have to wait.

Edit: Why is it $50 at Gamestop? <_<

It's $50 everywhere.

Premium title dictates it.

Hum. This is going to be a big pre-order bonus ._.

Unless the preorder bonus is coming out in July as opposed to a year or so.

"Pay $10 extra to get a game 3-18 months earlier than usual!"

Sounds so legit.
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hyper kobun dash posted...
2013 is like the worst year for my wallet EVER!!! T_T

The $50 tag doesn't make things better, either...
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this game is the top reason why i got a 3ds. If they charged $70 for it.. id want to know why, but id still purchase it before knowing why.
#55MagiusNecrosPosted 4/2/2013 7:10:03 PM
I really think as far as RPG's go SMT4 is gonna be one of the big ones to get especially if you are into games where you actually get to make a choice to have an actual divergence in actual story path instead of a linear preset destination.
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I got a 3DS largely because my PSP has outlived its usefulness mostly...even my CFW one. Also I saw one of my friends with one and I thought the Street Pass was kind of a funny neat diversion, but one of the major reasons I got one was because of Soul Hackers. I also wanted to play a few DS games I missed too. Probable (at the time) SMT IV release was another reason and likely a Dragon Quest VII remake. I have it for the PSX and it's one of my favorite games.

Anyhow yeah I dig the main series. I played large parts of Shin Megami Tensei II and well Nocturne (III).
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