Will the Pikachu 3DS XL paint fade eventually?

#1PangLaPosted 4/2/2013 7:11:48 PM
After 3+ years will the paint start to fade? I mean with all the sweats and tears after all these years it's bound to fade one day right?
#2ptreemf12Posted 4/2/2013 7:13:47 PM
Maybe? Things don't last forever. Just enjoy playing it and try to keep it clean when you can.
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#3yabPosted 4/2/2013 7:18:43 PM
Should be alright. I've had my Zelda 3DS for over a year and it's still ok
#4PStrifePosted 4/2/2013 7:55:56 PM
Time wears everything down, especially the sunlight and other natural elements. If you keep it in the dark and overly protected it can last for decades.
#5stargazer64Posted 4/2/2013 7:58:20 PM
The cool thing is that Bulbasaur is underneath.
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#6klim28Posted 4/2/2013 8:09:11 PM
I don't know if you can open/see the pic. White SNES turned argh!

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#7somebody336Posted 4/2/2013 8:10:57 PM
I don't think so
#8sixdeadpixelsPosted 4/2/2013 8:56:55 PM
I'm confident that they made the finish quite durable, however, being limited edition, I think it wouldn't hurt to apply a protective skin (Zagg, Skinomi) to at least the outer shell, which will certainly keep the paint in pristine condition.
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