Luigi's Mansion 2 or Fire Emblem Awakening

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wg64Z posted...
If you're not using perma-death, you're doing it wrong. If you end up really liking Fire Emblem as a series, the older games don't have the casual option. Your strategy will end up being really bad if you go back to the older games if you play fast and loose with character deaths.

If you're listening to this guy your're doing it wrong. Your experience, your say, your fun :D
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I would actually suggest not playing on casual. If you can get past chapter 5 on normal/classic without any deaths you'll be fine. Now it was a task to do that on hard.

But whatever floats your boat its your experience with the game that matters, not mine.
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I've completely ditched FE:A to play luigi's mansion.

Both are good games, fire emblem might be the better game, i just never got hooked
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I got both.
Having Luigi's mansion for a while... I quickly lost interest and went back to Fire Emblem
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