Lots of Screenshots/Pics of Etrian Odyssey 1 Remake - Millenium Girl

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Who cares? It's Etrian Odyssey. Already pre-ordered it.

Makes me want to learn Japanese.
I got the Hiragana and Katagana down, but the Kanji just.... ya...

Your situation is opposite of mine, learning Kanji was ridiculously easy since Chinese was my first and most fluent language but I have a hard time learning Katakana and Hiragana since Japanese is already my 6th language (I had French beaten into my skull by school, learned Spanish after discovering the Me Gusta meme and took Latin so I could understand FFVIII's intro song).

But Katakana and Hiragana are no harder to learn then Upper Case & Lower Case Roman Alphabet. The only issue was English version(of the Roman Alphabet) tends to not use accent marks, making the modifier marks of Japanese a bit foreign. Kanji is only easy to you because you already know Chinese, this only helps you "read" Japanese though not speak it. I can "read" some simple Chinese but know none of the language(neither Mandarin or Cantonese), only because I know some Kanji.

Roman alphabets really are just symbols are well and probably look just as foreign to a person who only knows Japanese. Just takes some practice. You've already have the hard part, the Kanji!!!

You're almost there! =D
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Fingers crossed for a localization, even though I know they won't announce it on the April 17th Direct.
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If Atlus localizes it as quickly as SMTIV, you won't have to wait long anyway.
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If Atlus localizes it as quickly as SMTIV, you won't have to wait long anyway.

For that fraction of a second in the April 17th Direct, when they mentioned an Altus game that just got recently announced coming to NA/EU, I suddenly had another heart attack (previous one was Bravely Default) because I thought it was an announcement for Millenium Girl!

Also, you can choose between old synth and new orchestrated version of the soundtrack.
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Altus 2 day event showing off their 3DS games, including Millenium Girl!

Live music performance for New Etrian Odyssey!
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A lot of new stuff on the website.

#3 BGM
More info on Grimoires.
One more segment in the SYSTEMS section which I need someone to help translate.