Original Megaman Composer making tracks for Shovel Knight

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I've always been a fan of her music. Can't wait to hear what the music sounds like. Also...

tropireno posted...
The original Megaman composer is a chick?

There are many women that are responsible for the music in Mega Man. Here's a quick, but not entire list:

Mega Man 1 & 2(a few songs): Manami Matsumae
Mega Man 3(2-3 songs): Harumi Fujita
Mega Man 4: Minae Fujii
Mega Man 5: Mari Yamaguchi
Mega Man 6 & 7: Yuko Takehara
Mega Man & Bass: Akari Kaida Groves
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Music to our ears.
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Well, now I'm definitely more interested. Nitro Man's my favourite MM10 track.
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