New 3ds update today.

#1DWNHLLR12Posted 4/5/2013 3:24:16 AM
Does anyone know what the new update was that released today?
Its the second one in a week.

I got home today and when I went to access the eshop it had a prompt for an update. My usual sources haven't got anything listed.

I live in Australia, so I don't know if that makes a difference.

Thanks guys.
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#2rab103Posted 4/5/2013 3:29:42 AM
Here's what the new update's been confirmed to do so far. 5.1.0-11 Some users received an error during the system update and were then unable to access the System Settings, Nintendo eShop, or Game Notes. This update prevents this from occurring again. Preventing an exploit
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#3weegee753Posted 4/5/2013 3:33:57 AM
Yeah, I tried to look at the DLC shop for Fire Emblem and it said I needed to update...
#4PokeMasterPosted 4/5/2013 4:28:12 AM
protip, if theres an update, search for update first.
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