Pokemon X and Y news?

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Smash starts in fourteen minutes, the actual news should come sometime between 7:00~7:30PM eastern.
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Around 8:30 AM Japan Time after Pokémon Smash finishes. Check Pokémon's Twitter page.

It'll be these times:
5:30 am central
6:30 am est
3:30 am pst

Sunday morning?

that's what this site said http://www.timebie.com/timezone/easternjapan.php

Idk how reliable it is.
but you've got to remember that japan is MUCH closer to the sun then we are.

IDK, but the pokemon board seems to believe it will pe around 7/7:30ish P.M. Eastern tonite.

see now the problem was i thought you said 8:30 pm not am,sorry...
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