Why did Nintendo even bother making the 3DS XL?

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False...the XL is so much better.
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Question, why do you make so many topics with pointless ass questions TC?
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Because it is better and 80% of 3DS fanboys agree.
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It's bigger, but it's definitely not better. It's different, and it's good to have a choice.

The dot pitch and PPI on the XL are just awful. The speakers are terrible, and the build quality is definitely worse than the original. Most people see a larger screen, and automatically equate that to it being a "better" or "upgraded" product. The screen is just larger, displaying the same amount of information; this results in obvious image degradation.

I prefer the buttons on the XL, however, and is much more comfortable to hold for larger hands.

I have two originals (one Zelda Edition) and two XLs. I originally disliked XL greatly, but it was just more comfortable for me to play, so that's what I use now. I just deal with the inferior PPI because of the comfort issue, but to say that it's an upgrade is misleading.

If I had smaller hands, I wouldn't even bother with the XL, but even with a grip on the original, the XL is just more comfortable for me. I don't think one is better than the other.

People will never agree on all of these aspects. Just be glad that we have options.
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DeathSoul2000 posted...
Nookytins posted...
Because it is better and 80% of 3DS fanboys agree.

Lol so the other deluded 20% aren't fanboys.

You're smart.
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Big hands?
Vita / android owners?
Satanic influence?
Many reasons, my friend.
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They made a 3DS XL so I would buy it.
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The XL was the reason I, and many others I'm sure, decided to pick up a 3ds. The original is too tiny for my hands and eyes.

So... That's probably why they made the XL. To sell it.
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