Japan Club Nintendo gets: (!!) Colored Charge Docking Stations...

#31SSJ2__GohanPosted 4/9/2013 5:55:02 PM
Xenesis Xenon posted...
Considering how terrible the 3DS battery life is, the charge cradles are a godsend - just drop them on it when you're not using it/when you get home or whatever.

Still, glad the XL people can get cradles too, now.

Might as well just connect the cord directly. Is easily done in 1 swift movement if you keep the charger plugged in (same conditions as the cradle): As easy as the 3DS slides in the cradle, the cord slides even easier in the 3DS.
#32esoteric42Posted 4/9/2013 6:10:27 PM
The color selection leaves much to be desired.
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