Will this handheld gen be the last gen in which they sell retail copies?

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Bikes- posted...
It's more likely to go the route PC gaming went, you can still buy physical media but it will get bound to a account.

With the magic word being account, or rather the lack of when it comes to Nintendo. Steam is pretty much the epitome of digital distribution. Pure steamworks titles are fantastic. So much more incentive to have the game on Steam than in some petty physical form. And the sales. And the infinite backwards compatibility and just future-proof. As long as there are PCs in any form, there is Steam. Nintendo is plain pay more to get less with no guarantee when the things are not available anymore.
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esoteric42 posted...
Big_Isaac posted...
did they stop selling physical CDs in stores because of iTunes?


There are plenty of albums that are digital only.

There are plenty of stores that have gone bankrupt and closed that used to market CDs.

Digital. It's the future.

It's not illegal to sell CDs in stores, but it's no where near as common.

Excuse me while I put new batteries in my Sony CD Walkman.

What a terrible future...
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Bikes- posted...
It's more likely to go the route PC gaming went, you can still buy physical media but it will get bound to a account.

many pc games dont get retail copies in america

i think Sonic Generations and Racing Transformed only got physical retail releases in europe
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temgun posted...
Will be the last handheld gen for me. Yay, money saved.

Yes, that would make it the last generation. It' would pretty much kill gaming. Look at how successful the PSP Go was.
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I'll drop games if it happens and thats coming from someone that gives about 50 hours a week to gaming and no that doesn't count breaks of playing >.>
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Anyone remember the PSP go?
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It won't happen anytime soon. To much of the market has crap internet.
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SafetyRey posted...
Anyone remember the PSP go?

Your point? The Go was just a revision of the PSP, which could already play physical media. You had the choice to buy one or the other. It will be a lot different when companies don't give you the choice anymore and force DD.

Not to mention the Go only failed due to the lack of games that were actually available for DD. Many of the hit psp titles were unavailable for DD making them unplayable to Go owners. If all consoles go DD only then all games made for those console will be available through DD obviously.
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If we go full digital there won't be a Gamestop.

For handheld games?
They'd definitely sell games and offer a service where you can stand there and download it if they were to go full digital. They'd lose their asses and need to get at least the people without decent internet connections.
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I thought the whole point of digital only was to cut down on the amount of different things you had to lug around. Instead of assorted cartridges/umds/whatever you'll just have an assortment of memory cards. It won't be any different. Also, there would be a heavy reliance on internet usage and I don't know about anyone else, but my internet sucks pretty hardcore in rural Michigan so download several gigs of data on a regular basis is NOT appealing.
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