Who here is getting Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

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3 years ago#21
Preordered from Newegg for $29... feelsgoodman.
3 years ago#22
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3 years ago#23
Day 1.
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3 years ago#24
I probably am.
3 years ago#25
Me pre-order 2 copies.
3 years ago#26
Already pre-ordered (since November).
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Animal Crossing: New Leaf (June 9th!!)
3 years ago#27
This is the only retail game on the 3DS that I intend to download. I love Animal Crossing, but didn't like the process of changing the disk once I was done for the day. And Animal Crossing kinda wants you to play every day or your town gets covered in weeds and stuff. Despite preferring physical copies to digital normally, this series just fits digital so well.
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3 years ago#28
I haven't played Animal Crossing since the GC version, so I'm looking forward to this one.
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3 years ago#29
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3 years ago#30
Definitely! I'm ready to let this game consume my soul. :-)
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