What was your last 3DS/DS related purchase?

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2 years ago#111
Trollin' the trolls. think all rpgs are the same? bet ya like Call of Duty or killzone. if i'm right stfu
PSN OverLord_BlayZen, 3DS message me
2 years ago#112
Fire Emblem: Awakening!
2 years ago#113
Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate
2 years ago#114
DragonQuest Monsters Joker 2, and Children of Mana.

Before that, MH3U
Official Mr. Bousouzoku 1986
3DS Fc: Mr. Kunio - 3437-4087-1475
2 years ago#115
Luigi's Mansion 2

Really good game.
White 2 FC ( Belle ) - 0562 6193 3719
2 years ago#116
Code Of Princess as it finally hit EU. Soon to be Picross with trade.
2 years ago#117
Paid off pre-order for Shin Sekaiju no Meikyuu.
2 years ago#118
My last purchase would the the pikachu 3DS XL
2 years ago#119
Mega Man 3, I think.
2 years ago#120
Crashmo on the eShop. Harvest Moon: ANB before that.
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  3. What was your last 3DS/DS related purchase?

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