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Does reading something negative about a game make you enjoy it less?
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RudyBeoulve112/1 5:21AM
Do you think Club NinrendoMetalGearOnAcid32/1 5:21AM
Club Nintendo is down for maintenance. February items incoming?
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wheepitup172/1 5:19AM
MM N3dsXL on nintendo UK site for a brief time but why not in the UShenryhill42/1 4:58AM
I just preordered a Black New Nintendo 3DSXL a charging cable (lmao!) and Majora
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TurbamsColonVee282/1 4:49AM
Do you think the 3DS will do better than the PSP?
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SolomonBenDavid562/1 4:42AM
Is my MicroSD card fast enough?pikachupwnage12/1 4:39AM
Micro SD Card ? for the New 3DS. Does 30MB/s & 48MB/s make a big difference?LegendaryHeroReborn42/1 4:34AM
Will the Metallic Blue New 3ds XL be distracting inside?Blinking_Nora12/1 4:20AM
3DS XL will not street pass
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theartistgamer192/1 4:17AM
Woohoo! I made it to Platinum!
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AmandaDaniel182/1 4:05AM
Does this new 3DS...daniel7982/1 3:54AM
New 3ds exclusive games?Wing_Phoenix32/1 3:39AM
I got an error on the SD card while I was playing a digital game on 3DSMarikoNumber3572/1 3:34AM
micro sd card questionNinjaGamer_2322/1 3:30AM
When will Pokemon Red/Blue or Crystal etc. be put on the eshop?
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OrangeCrush980112/1 3:08AM
New 3dsxl m4u sd card transferstoven7122/1 2:18AM
Gunman Clive 2 Speedrun times! (post your times peeps!)
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Mega_Rat192/1 2:17AM
Will the new 3DS console speed up the older DS games too?
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RocoBosco142/1 1:52AM
So since Nintendo's 2016-17 Next-Gen Handheld will play NEW Nintendo 3DS games..
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Spade21X222/1 1:40AM