Nintendo should have a content manager type thing like the Vita has.

#1VerySolidusSnakPosted 4/14/2013 5:25:33 PM
It would make things much simpler like when I upgrade my 3DS.
#2Second_ChancesPosted 4/14/2013 6:44:54 PM
Absolutely disgusting.
#3JumpmandkPosted 4/14/2013 7:12:50 PM
Nintendo needs an account system!

Content manager is complete and utter garbage, and is one of the few things I dislike about my Vita(memory card cost/size being the other).

Considering how they lack any proper account system, their transfer process actually works very well. Your SD card functions like any other, and can be copied with a standard PC and card reader.

The Vita makes you jump thru hoops to do basic things. It really does suck.