Namco should make a "Tails of Equestria" game for the 3DS.

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Get out of this board. And the internet while you're at it.
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Seeing as someone thought this topic was a good enough idea that it deserves to last longer, I will say I would much rather see and would actually buy a Keroro RPG style game with Tamagotchi characters.
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And how is that creepy? Who set the standarts for what men may do and what not?
That's just your narrow view on what makes a man a man. Powerpuff Girls was even created by the same person as MLP, Lauren Faust.
If you find it creepy, then that's your lack of understanding. I find it absolutely normal to like something, regardless of what it is or who was originally targeted with it.

It's not a narrow view. I'm 19 and still watch Adventure Time and the occasional NEW Pokémon episode for God's sake. And you should also become a bit more educated on these things before you try to shut me down. PPG was created by Craig McCracken, Faust only served as an animator for the show and the occasional supporting director or writer.

Yes, but it was that very animation style that made it popular, not the plot alone.
Also, Adventure Time and Pokémon are subject to taste as well, so I don't see what you're trying to tell me. That those series are supposed to be more mature than MLP?

What I'm getting at is there's a different between just watching cartoons (Spongebob, Loony Toons Show, etc;) and then watching a show that is literally made for females, ages 6-12. Allow me to possibly give you a parallel. If suddenly, thousands of adolescent males became interested in the Winx Club, don't you think that would be just a little out there?

Not at all. If a guy likes it, so be it. And if many do, that's just fine. I respect that, simply because I see nothing wrong with it. That's what we call tolerance (something My Little Pony could teach you quite a few lessons about). And If you think that it's supposed to be different if man watches Spongebob or Ponies, then you really have a huge lack of said tolerance.
Honestly, you don't even have a valid point against it - you just pout about it being odd, but you haven't actually brought a single argument towards that statement. It's just odd for you (and other intolerant folks) because you think it doesn't fit a guy to like things that aren't for guys.
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