In your opinion, what is the game with the best story?

#1jwolfe340Posted 4/17/2013 3:23:49 AM
By which I mean, which story experience left you the most satisfied? Something that frequently bothers me is when there are unanswered questions left at the end of a series. It doesn't happen often, but obviously it's irritating. In any case, my favorite story experience would be the Zero Escape storyline, despite the fact that it's unfinished. The stories of both 999 and VLR are completely and totally mindblowing, with plot twists that legitimately surprised me, which does not happen often. Honorable mention goes to Golden Sun, TWEWY, and the currently disjointed mess that is Kingdom Hearts.
#2Radbot42Posted 4/17/2013 3:40:17 AM
Breath of Fire 2. I love that the beginning you have no idea what is really going on, and then as you progress everything starts to make sense, and it becomes a religious war! It even had a prologue where you were a little boy
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