Why do so many 3DS games look like N64 games?

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Are PS2 graphics too much to ask for?
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you're nuts they look better than that....I'd say AT LEAST on par with Gamecube.
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...you haven't played an n64 in a while have you?
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Technically they're at Gamecube or Wii level. The reason they might not look as good as their home console counterparts is because the screen has a much smaller resolution, which only looks worse when you see screenshots and trailers on a screen as big as your computer's.
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lol gbc was nes
lol gba was snes
lol ds was n64
3ds is ngc
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Not really. The big consoles have the better graphics. NES still has better graphics than GBC. SNES still has better graphics than GBA. And N64 still has better graphics than the DS. And a big nonono to your gamecube comparisons. You can thank the smaller resolutions for that.
PSP still has better graphics than 3DS though :P
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GenericName9 posted...
you're nuts they look better than that....I'd say AT LEAST on par with Gamecube.

Most games don't come close to Gamecube graphics. Only a very small amount. And even then, there's quite a few noticeable jaggies due to the extremely poor resolution of the 3DS screens.

Fact is, developers hardly put in any graphical effort into 3DS games. Resident Evil: Revelations having the best graphics on the system by far proves it, because that came out more than a year ago and there's nothing that can even rival it. Not even Nintendo's own games.
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Go play a race at "N64 Koopa Beach" on Mario Kart 7, then go play a race at "Koopa Troopa Beach" on Mario Kart 64, and then try to come back here and tell me the 3DS only does N64-level graphics. The MK7 remake is so much better-looking, it's almost not the same track.
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