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3 years ago#1
I know that nobody likes to wait, and waiting for games that are already available in other regions is no fun. I don't like the idea of waiting almost a month after Europe gets Bravely Default and Dream Team to get to play them.
But I think it seems as though everyone complaining has forgotten one interesting fact: Reggie said Holiday 2013 for the new Zelda, and that's dated 2014 EVERYWHERE else, INCLUDING Japan. So while we may have to wait more for some games in the US, we're getting the new Zelda first. Either that or Reggie will have a LOT of people angry with him if the release date gets pushed too far back.
Anyone else consider this? Does it help at all after Europe has had to wait months for Fire Emblem?
3 years ago#2
Zelda is dated 2013 for EU too. Japan is the only one with the delay.
3 years ago#3
Here is the problem I have with waiting. Nintendo region locked their machine, I could care less about how long they take to localize stuff otherwise, because I could import it if I wanted it. If I can't import they better localize stuff quickly so I can buy it. As it stands now with about 50% of the games I want to buy taking about a year or more to be localized I am not happy. If there was no region lock I wouldn't care. But since there is a region lock they better step up with their localization teams.
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