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3 years ago#21
I thought it meant the source system
3 years ago#22
3 years ago#23
System transfer transfers everything from one 3DS to another, and deletes everything on the 3DS you are transferring to in the process, so the only way you could have kept your saves is if you actually backed the stuff up from the original 3DS (but even that would be a stretch).
3 years ago#24
so basically I am sol?
3 years ago#25
wintrepunk posted...
that is probably because you transferred from your old 3ds to a new one and not the other way around

Oh yeah... Transferring from a new one, to overwrite your old ds is never wise... what you probably should have done is transferred from your old ds to your new one again.
3 years ago#26
i wish i would have thought of that
3 years ago#27
Sorry about your loss of memory.. I meant by the way, from your old system, to your new system, then back to your old one again. Moving stuff overwrites saves on the system, but not games. So your new system with no saves overwrote the saves on the old one. oh and that backing up stuff onto a computer is pretty handysauce.
3 years ago#28
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