so gba is coming to virtual console at last

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JurassicBond posted...
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Its stupid to offer incentives for a console that really needs it? Oh wait this is lolFAQS, how could i forget. >.>

IMO, the entire VC system is stupidly run compared to how Sony does their PSOne Classics. There's zero reason that I can think of why they should keep GBA games exclusive to the Wii U when we already know that it's capable of emulating them.

I totally agree. If Nintendo were smart theyd put all the NES-N64 and GB-GBA games on both the 3DS and Wii U, with crossbuy so you dont have to buy the games again on every console. Also, even though i know theyll probably never do this, they should put NES and GB(C) games on Android. IIRC Sony lets people do this if you have a Sony or HTC phone, theres no reason Nintendo cant too. Yes people can and already do do this, but i think it would be nice to have an official Nintendo Virtual Console app or something along those lines.