Why doesn't Nintendo release actual good games on the VC?

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Banjo2553 posted...
Wait, so the Zelda Oracles aren't actually good games? Is that what this topic is saying?

Joke topic then.

TC didn't say that. He is saying there's tons of great games that aren't on the eShop yet and we've not been given very many at all. I am pretty sure the Oracle games are the most notable ones we've gotten for a while.
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GBA games on the 3DS.

And some kind of random NES game here and there.
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Nintendo is a fool for denying GBA VC on the 3ds.
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But some of those *doesn't count* games Have been released, after all! I consider them all as virtual console.

The games that don't count are Sacred Stones and Warioware. Anything you mention that's for GBA is for Ambassadors only and is still only for them. The main public who bought the 3DS after it's price drop can't now and won't ever be able to buy those titles.

Yes they will. Nintendo will upload the Ambassador and other GBA games to the eshop soon.
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