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User Info: psycho_slicer

3 years ago#11
I also have both and play my 3ds alot more, mostly EO4, fir emblem and harvest moon. As far as my vita goes I play alot of Disgaea 3, Hot shots golf and dw next.

User Info: lifeline81

3 years ago#12
Sorry TC, but Sony is more focus on the PS4 to this point. I like the Vita to do great this year too, but due to what Sony is doing now, I doubt it.
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User Info: Marsford

3 years ago#13
pokemega32 posted...
TheProphecies05 posted...
Donkey Kong Country 3


Haha yeah, Noticed this instantly too.
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User Info: MicroByter

3 years ago#14
As owner of both as well, I'm happy to be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. I do agree though, this year, and even last, has had some remarkable 3DS games.
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