Really disappointed with Nintendo and their games.

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Sailor Goon posted...
and there's Buretsu's typical "but..but..but Sony" response like clockwork

Well this is a surprise. What the hell are you doing over here?
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Out of all the great games the 3DS has, the only one TC likes is KI:U..? I can't even get myself to finish that game (and yes its still a decent game so don't flame the poo out of me).

Go back to playing COD and GOW and thinking those are the pinnacle of gaming...
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It's not just Nintendo churning out sequels
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Its funny how hard some people try to be hipsters. Just buy a Vita and only play MK9 and MLB 13
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blazeUP12 posted...
It's not just Nintendo churning out sequels

I know, but I've never liked Asscreed or Cod. I care much more about Nintendo. I want to see a Zelda game that's more akin to Majoras Mask and Wind Waker. Fun and fresh entries into the series.
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