Question regarding digital copies of games

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So I pre-ordered the limited edition fire emblem 3DS in the UK and it comes with a copy pre installed. Right now I'm not in the UK and I won't be for a few months, so I was going to buy FE for my current 3DS. So I was wondering, when I transfer systems, what happens to the extra copy of FE? Will it just disappear? Will it remain linked to the other handheld?

I looked around but couldn't find any answer, any ideas?
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One last bump. If I don't get any sort of answer I think I'll just buy it and see what happens
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I'll bump for you, I'm not sure what happens, but I think one might overwrite the other.
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I believe it will just disappear, because System Transfer completely wipes everything off of the device you're transferring from, and puts everything on the device you're transferring to. Because of that, the FE on the device you're transferring to will be overwritten, and probably lost forever. if you're planning on giving the copy to someone with a new 3DS, then you could probably transfer from the 2nd system, to the friend's system, and transfer from the 1st system to the 2nd system.

And that was worded more weirdly than I would've liked, but you get the picture.
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I read up on the transfer system and what happens is the eShops on both systems will merge. You will NOT lose any games.

What will happen though is the save data on the SD card of the NEW system will become unusable. That's the only thing you'll lose.
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My humble suggestion is that you buy the physical copy of the game, do a save data transfer via the tool on the eShop.

Then sell/gift the physical copy when you get back to your shiny Fire Emblem 3DS.

You'll at least get some money that way.

You won't get any sort of credit for having 2 digital copies.

Hopefully a physical copy is within reach of you!
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Thanks for the answers guys. Unfortunately I'm living in a country that uses NTSC games while my 3DS is PAL. So I went ahead and got a digital copy and having a blast so far.

I'm planning on giving this 3ds to a friend when I get back and transfer so I'm sort of hoping that the one copy will stay on this 3ds as a nice surprise. But I'm not expecting it. Still I'm happy to double dip on a game this good!