When will Nintendo price cut 3DS down to $150 or less?

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protect_badgers topic. move along, he also makes worthless topics on the vita board as well.


well, they are free.

I had to buy a computer to read these comments. Every second my computer is plugged in, I'm accruing an electricity bill.

If I had to spend money, ever, it's not free.

When I was born, my parents received a bill from the hospital. Nothing I will ever do is free.
no i tried resetting game i even start violent slamming cartridge on wall but all it does make static noise when i put into DS, the problem not fix! -ReconUnit
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After thoroughly reading this topic (and laughing my ass off, naturally), I have decided to not take part in this joke of a debate. Good day.

It's better than logic, it's Nintendo Logic!
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