so i got my first digital retail game: Tetris Axis

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3 years ago#21
FieldTornOutlaw posted...
Pretty sure this won't be a promo price, so come July 1st, I'm getting this if not just for the cheap CN coins.

Just a heads up that it's worth 20+10+10 coins now, but will only be worth 20+10 coins by then. They give 10 early registration coins for Nintendo retail releases for their first 30 days on the eShop, even if the retail version came out a long time ago. So unless you think you will actually struggle to reach platinum next year, you should just buy this now to get more coins.
3 years ago#22
Got this digital yesterday. My wife has a physical copy so I already know it's well worth it. And those coins...real nice. I'm Platinum because of that. I can't wait to get Animal Crossing digitally.
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3 years ago#23
Servare posted...
Wait... folder system?

Yeah, me too. I feel like an idiot.

I am going to make a VC folder and eShop folder immediately.
3 years ago#24
Cool tc, hit me a message if you want to play against me
3 years ago#25
I bought a physical copy 2 months back for $15 new. I have no regrets.
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3 years ago#26
$10? I guess I'll double dip.
3 years ago#27
Just performed the physical-to-digital save data transfer over to my new digital copy! ^_^. i'm a happy man! xD. checked out the e-manual. pretty nice. if i would say there's one negative about it it would be the fact that is not as "colorful" as the LMDM e-manual :/. it's just the normal white background with a few random Tetrimos on it.

The LMDM e-manual had that nice purple and green background which i thought was well done, really cool looking and a nice touch! :). yes, i know "it's just a manual..." but i actually enjoy the hell out of these things, browsing through them and all! lol.

I hope they do more like how they did for LMDM as it's little things like that would make DD's a little more special and appealing. besides that i'm extremely happy with this and i hope Nintendo finally wakes up and sees that more people WILL support digital more if they actually price things right. it's not really that hard of a task to overcome..
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3 years ago#28
Does this Tetris have the original version as well?
3 years ago#29
It has marathon, which is a more modern version of the original. It's endless stacking like you're used to with improved mechanics such as 'hold', hard drop (up) and see 5 block in the future.
3 years ago#30
^^^^^ sort of.the tetris matrix is a little wider than the original.i have this game as well and enjoy it lots.i have logged in so many hours on many tetris games since the original gameboy that TETRIS is easily my favorite time wasting puzzle game.
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