Lego City Undercover The Chase Begins is awesome tons of content for $30

#11SShredder565Posted 4/21/2013 3:49:18 PM
I'm nervous about this one but I really love free roam games. How big is the map? Also I don't have a Wii U so I would only be able to get this version.
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WizardofHoth posted...
So what's there to do in this Lego City Undercover game besides collecting lego items like in Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Star Wars?

What makes this game different than the other Lego themed games?

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yea this game is awesome 5hrs logged and only 9.4% complete.I have only unlocked 4 of the 7 different city sections . theres just so much to find in each section ill end up doing a mission and get sidetracked exploring and finding character tokens , vehicles, etc...

$30 is a steal for the content screw the reviews giving this 5/10 etc... by far the best handheld lego game i have played (and ive played most of them from psp to ds to vita)
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#14CompassPosted 4/22/2013 9:49:47 AM
Ugh, if I wanted lengthy load times I'd play more Vita games. Maybe pick this up when it gets cheap.