Luigi's Mansion impossible to find? Well played, Nintendo. Well played.

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it seems to be Nintendo is trying to force Digital. i have already experience this with both Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter. pretty sad.

Monster Hunter is a Capcom game (which means Nintendo doesnt have any say over the number of copies Capcom wants to make available) and Fire Emblem is literally in every store I go to with an electronics section.

Fire Emblem was hard to find for the first month, but Nintendo finally got sufficient quantities on the shelves. So it's easy to find now, but it wasn't when it first came out.

Probably the same thing will happen with Luigi's Mansion. Although I have yet to have the problem some of you do; LM:DM is still in pretty much every electronics store I go to, as I already said.
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They had to ship more copies in from Canada.
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Go to a retailer no one cares about like Toys R Us for instance. My Toys R Us store had plenty of copies because hardly anyone goes there.
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3 Best Buy stores near me have it in stock.
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So I just came back from a Best Buy trip, shelves were literally filled with Dark Moons and Fire Emblems. Not sure if this happened in the last 2 days, but looks like they're far from a shortage.
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