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Should Sega redo Phantasy Star games like SS did for Final Fantasy?
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gatsbyy153/27 10:37PM
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Is it Possible to give Club Nintendo points to a friend
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Best Story on the System
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WollMasst293/27 10:01PM
Just linked my 3ds to my CN account, and no surveys for my downladed games???
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Skulltula_Kid133/27 9:36PM
any possibility of Ocarina of Time being an elite reward?Skulltula_Kid93/27 9:12PM
Can someone please help me with a digital game question?symach73/27 8:53PM
I'm surprised Sega never got around to Sonic 2/3& Knuckles 3D Classics...
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PhoenixRush483/27 8:52PM
Is the interior of the MM N3DS black or gold?Aurolis33/27 7:34PM
Can anyone confirm is spraying WD-40 into the L-trigger works?
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Mikey93183/27 7:25PM
With Zelda Wii U delayed to 2016, could Twilight Princess be coming to New N3DS?Spade21X53/27 7:17PM
Confirmed: Wii is stronger than 3DS and New 3DS
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For my last Club Nintendo Reward.... (Closed)Trevor_Belmont63/27 5:58PM
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Random Character Battle-----Round 1-------------- (Poll)
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fiyeroatheart203/27 5:40PM
Is the 2DS actually worth picking up?
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pvtplatypus203/27 5:18PM