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When a game in a series sells a million copies, does it stop being niche?srzg78/19 9:18AM
Youkai Watch planned for Western release next year
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Is it possible to dispute unfairly deleted Miiverse posts?
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Smash Bros. 3DS - Physical or Digital? (Poll)
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"Cannot download to SD Card"OrangeSchweese78/19 8:09AM
Recommended eShop games
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Devil Survivor: Overclocked or Etrian Odyssey Untold
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Thegreekweezel218/19 7:33AM
Ever lost a DS/3DS game, only to find it in the most unexpected of places?zomborrr88/19 7:29AM
What's the most surprising yet pleasant thing game devs can do for 3DS?
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3DS XL case: Straps or no Straps? (Recommendations)
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if your 3ds is lost or stolen, and you buy a new one, can you redownload your gadruskie78/19 4:26AM
How big do you think Smash 4's download size will be?
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GamerJM208/19 3:43AM
Rate my 3DS Collection
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ecne7ab188/19 3:09AM
any sites that show game sales in us?smokeyacr58/19 2:56AM
Would you buy Jack Bros if Nintendo released Virtual Boy VC for 3DS?Eiffel65108/19 2:20AM
If you could enslave a Nintendo character
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Gladiant528/19 2:19AM