Does xl ver. have top screen scratching issue?

#1190sRetroGamingPosted 4/22/2013 1:10:06 PM
I've had screen protectors on my XL since day one (december 11th-14th when i got it?) on both the bottom AND on the top screen. there's not one identation mark on the top screen whatsoever.

This means the border around the bottom screen never touched the top screen on mine :). not saying it doesn't happen (i'm pretty sure it's possible) but so far nothing for me :).

I get plenty of dust though :/.
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#12esoteric42Posted 4/22/2013 2:52:42 PM
Screen protectors and silicone skin work.

Otherwise I would consider myself running the risk of getting scratches.
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#13Sami1000(Topic Creator)Posted 4/22/2013 2:58:54 PM
I absolutely hate putting screen protectors on my devices. Well i hope warranty covers that issue if it happens because i'm sure as hell won't pay for design flaw like that. I'm buying XL version in about two weeks. I was originally buying it month or two ago but wanted to wait for fire emblem.
#14Dr4G0nZPosted 4/22/2013 3:23:46 PM
Wait, what's wrong with applying screen protectors on your 3DSXL?
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#15Sami1000(Topic Creator)Posted 4/22/2013 3:33:02 PM
Dr4G0nZ posted...
Wait, what's wrong with applying screen protectors on your 3DSXL?

I don't have 3DS just yet. I buy one in 2 weeks or so. I meant that i hate putting screen protectors on any device. Tried to put one on my vita and got plenty of bubbles even though i watched youtube videos to see how other people apply them. I also have changed screen protector few times on my phone and i always get bubbles.