Can you download DS games on the 3DS?

#1promo123Posted 4/22/2013 11:51:55 AM
I've never had a DSi, so I don't know if full games were downloadable or not. Does the 3DS shop have everything the DSi had?
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#2DeathSoul2000Posted 4/22/2013 11:52:47 AM
96% of dsiware is there and ds games were never available.
#3promo123(Topic Creator)Posted 4/22/2013 11:54:46 AM
Darn. I wanted to play TWEWY and figured it would be a lot easier to download it than to find it. Oh well, I guess I'll have to look for it.
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#4Kaze_MemaryuPosted 4/22/2013 12:02:16 PM
No good titles for the most part, but some shovelware dev's port their DS games to DSiWare and eShop.
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#5SMASHKING84Posted 4/22/2013 12:06:44 PM
a few dsiware games are bits and pieces of ds games(zombie bbq and anomus notes)
but other then that no.
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#6PokeCrisPosted 4/22/2013 12:13:28 PM
I think the only DS game is Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns, unless they added any others recently.
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#7steroidz_da_pwnPosted 4/22/2013 12:15:31 PM
Amazon has it in stock for $19.99
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