First time bringing my 3DS to a giant public event..

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3 years ago#1
holy crap. I brought mine along with me yesterday to JapanTown in San Francisco, for the Cherry Blossom festival in hopes of getting a couple streetpasses. In the 2 hours I was there, I managed to get about 50 people and maxed out some of the games. Somehow I already have 42 streetpasses for Fire Emblem o_O

I got a couple from Japan, playing Animal Crossing too. :( Made me sad.
It's also crazy how once I got all my puzzle pieces from Mii plaza, I had another couple people waiting at the gate.

I'm just amazed at how many streetpasses I got in a day.

end blogfaqs.

oh and I picked up a 3DS XL for 90$ at a Flea Market. :D
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3 years ago#2
that's how it is when you go to giant public events
Oh it's nothing special. IT'S JUST MAH BASS CANNON!
3 years ago#3
Have I streetpassed you before?
3 years ago#4
$90? I'm so jealous right now. I trying to wait and see if I can find a deal on one.
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3 years ago#5
Chenmaster2 posted...
Have I streetpassed you before?

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3 years ago#6
It gets even crazier during anime and gaming conventions. I got 100 street passes just waiting in line for an anime dub premiere, plus another bunch throughout the day. PAX Prime's going to be crazy haha.
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3 years ago#7
Ugh I wish I lived in a place that held events like that.

Up here in rural Canada the biggest event we have is some stupid motorcycle rally. And I don't think many of those hairy, beer bellied, middle aged men carry 3DS'es around in their saddlebags.
3 years ago#8
You'd be surprised.
3 years ago#9
Eh, maybe you're right. If I actually bother going this year I may as well bring my 3DS along for the ride and see what happens.
3 years ago#10
When I go to giant public events in my area, I get nothing only to street pass a single kid sitting in stake and shake.
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