A friend of my mom calls it "Nintendo Gameboy 3DS" >_>

#11lilchaoPosted 4/23/2013 1:45:35 AM
SMASHKING84 posted...
my wii u i call gcn 1.5 hd

Have to admit, I laughed.
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All handhelds are called Gameboys

All consoles are called Nintendos or sometimes "Wiis" or "Playstations" with a certain inflection put into the pronunciation. Teachers will almost always use Xboxes as an example of video games instead of any other console out there.
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PloKoon13 posted...
My grandad once got Gameboys and Playstations mixed up and asked if I was still using my 'Playboy'

That's just awesome.
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My mum has never stopped calling every handheld a 'gameboy'
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Viciously make out with her?
It's amazing what acid can do.
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Lorthremar posted...
Viciously make out with her?

I can't believe it took this many posts for someone to say it...
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Lorthremar posted...
Viciously make out with her?

Sad how long it took, and now the topic can die in pieces.