Should I get zelda 1, 2, and metroid?

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mabber_III posted...
nintendo didn't bother making them 3d, so why would I bother buying them?

If you don't want to then don't.

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DragonReborn97 posted...
What in the world is up with the way LA saves??? It's kinda annoying... Do all VC games save like this?

What do you mean? There's the option to save in-game and there's the option to create Restore Points. They're different things.

I mean the in-game button combo. It worked alright on GB/C/A but it's kinda hard to do on 3ds...

Yeah, that's just LA. It's a pretty bad way to save and it's a complete hassle on the VC because of the 3DS button placement. Keep in mind that Y is also mapped as Select.
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Morgalaga posted...
If you don't already commonly play Nes then try just one of them for awhile, I recommend Zelda 1.
I personally think Zelda 2 in weird and too frustrating.

Save states on 3ds make both games much more playable by today's standards.
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No, yes, maybe.

Zelda 1 is an awful game.

Zelda 2 is good, but very tough and may require a guide.

Ditto for Metroid.
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