Iwata says more unannounced 3DS titles on the way (WOOT!)

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User Info: Banjo2553

3 years ago#61
Even more 3DS games? Good grief, 2nd half of 2013's going to be an explosive year for this thing.
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User Info: deimos91

3 years ago#62

User Info: Lelouch71

3 years ago#63
DQ7 and a 3DS enhanced port of Type 0 are what I want to see.
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User Info: GoldenSun3DS

3 years ago#64
Here's hoping for a Golden Sun 3DS.
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User Info: wufei8706

3 years ago#65
While I love the support 3DS is getting, I wish they would support Wii U a bit more. One of the reasons I own a 3DS and not Wii U.

User Info: TakayaNoriko

3 years ago#66
Genericgamer667 posted...
people really are tsundere towards iwata

It's not like we like him or anything. D-don't misunderstand!
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User Info: Hejiru

3 years ago#67
Metroid Dread without Sakamoto pretty please.
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User Info: Tenchi UK

Tenchi UK
3 years ago#68
MagiusNecros posted...
Zanimar posted...


Final Fantasy 5 remake exclusive to 3DS with all the GBA additions, plus even more jobs, new dungeons, and a whole 20-30 hour prequel added to tell the story of the previous 4 warriors that went against Ex-death.


I think Square said have the iOS Dimensions Remake instead.

as in the ios version of FFV?
That game looked kind of half hearted compared to say the Psp versions of I II and IV, the graphics lacked charm and i really cant stand touch only controls.

id love a remake of FFV though, it was my favorite of the 16 bit games by far.
heck id settle for an eshop/psn port of FF dimensions since i heared it was apparently good despite looking a bit rpg maker-ish
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User Info: strongo9

3 years ago#69
2013 has easily been the greatest year for Nintendo ever.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Mario Golf: World Tour
Pokémon X and Y
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
Brain Age: Concentration Training
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2

And those are just the 1st party titles for the 3DS. A ton of great 3rd party titles have come out this year with lots more to come. The Wii U will finally be getting a wave of good games later this year. On top of that we've just been told that there are still a lot of unannounced games to be revealed.
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User Info: confettistorm

3 years ago#70
New Etrian Odyssey Millenium Maiden

That is all I need now that I got Bravely Default.
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