3DS software library is overhyped. Luigi's Mansion 2 only decent game this year

#1iGenesisPosted 4/25/2013 5:43:10 AM
The following are all old games. The good thing about being able to manually translate text from Japanese to English, with the help of a kanji dictionary, is that if I cared about these games, I wouldn't be waiting until 2013 to play them.
2011 Monster Hunter 3
2012 Animal Crossing
2012 Fire Emblem Kakusei
2012 Proj X Zone
2012 Soul Hackers

Although nothing about Luigi's Mansion 2 is earth-shattering, because the last installment was released so long ago, it doesn't need to be extremely innovative to stay fresh. And being able to explore multiple themed mansions is very nice.

The only other two potentially interesting 3DS games slated for this year are Ace Attorney 7 (GS5) and ALTTP MQ. If Ace Attorney goes back to the same recycled gameplay and heavily clichéd plotlines of the last 2-3 installments (including Investigations), I'll pass on the game. It's a 20+ hour time investment reading a War and Peace-length visual novel, so if the story isn't good to begin with, there's no point.

ALTTP MQ comes down to the dungeon puzzles. If the dungeons are really well designed, I can forgive a copy/pasted overworld & recycled interdungeon content. Solving puzzles is the only reason I play this series anyway.

Everything else looks like lazy ports & rehashes but who knows, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.
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Shin Megami Tensei IV
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God you sound like an egotistical and arrogant waste of life.
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ITT: The worldwide release of Pokemon X and Y this year does not exist.
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igenesis topic/
Still waiting for fire emblem awakening in Europe.
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Lol, manually translating. Haha. That made me chuckle.
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ferofax posted...
Lol, manually translating. Haha. That made me chuckle.

Why translate at all though. It is too much trouble. When I play a Japanese game I just read it.
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laxnd23 posted...
God you sound like an egotistical and arrogant waste of life.

^^ agreed with this guy
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ITT: I played the Japanese versions of these games which are the true ones and are superior to the English versions.

No matter how you say it, Fire Emblem came out this year in the US and is one of the best damn games on the 3DS this year.
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this is an iGensis topic in every sense.
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