Nintendo Will Still Be At E3 2013

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lol this post pretty much sums up the knee jerk reactions towards Nintendo's decision towards E3, especially with how overblown it's been

Nintendo: "So we're not doing a pressconference this year at E3. We'll be there with demos and our future line-up. We'll have meetings with partners and the media. There will be Nintendo Directs communicating our announcements towards everybody at home.

Part of GAF: "Oh man, no conference? What about the games!?"

Nintendo: "Oh sorry, you didn't get that. We'll be at E3 with our products."

Part of GAF: "But if you don't have a conference, where are you going to show your games!!??"

Nintendo: "Uh, our new products will be attending E3. We've just explained the two meeting set-up. Everyone at home can expect something (likely a Nintendo Direct) like a broadcast detailing our new announcements."

Part of GAF: "But there won't be a conference?"

Nintendo: "Yes"

Part of GAF: "But what about your games?"

Nintendo: "... ... ..."
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also ewwwwwwwww

Nintendonews's new look is hideous
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Genericgamer667 posted...
also ewwwwwwwww

Nintendonews's new look is hideous

It's about as abominated as their "community".