So why's it cool to hate Majora's Mask now?

#141helldewPosted 4/26/2013 10:56:23 PM
I like MM i dont want to see it remade on 3DS with their half ass remake jobs.
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#142Semi45aPosted 4/26/2013 11:41:59 PM
MM has been overrated by gamefaqs peeps so the trolls are pouring in.
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#143UnderratedGamerPosted 4/26/2013 11:58:22 PM
ZT_Ultima posted...
Because Majora's Mask fans are worse than Final Fantasy VI fans who hate on Final Fantasy VII.

FFVI fans don't hate FFVII. You are seriously deluded.

Fanbases AFTER FFVII hate FFVII. Learn which fanbase to blame, seriously...
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#144wiiking96Posted 4/27/2013 4:04:44 AM
Rama_III posted...
I've tried on numerous occasions to get into MM, but the time limit is simply too offensive to my playstyle. I hate timed aspects of any video game, and to have an overall one rustles too many of my jimmies.

That said, I understand that it is a genuinely fun game. I wish the time limit didn't exist so I could enjoy it too.

As others have stated, there is a very vocal subset of the MM fanbase that is determined to force everyone into thinking that MM is the best game that not even LttP or OoT can compare with, and we're all morons for thinking otherwise, and etc. Popular opinion be damned...theirs is the only correct one.

It's incredibly annoying and it doesn't make anybody want to play MM. It's an idiotic attitude that any FF fan should be familiar with, though. Look at the FF7 anti-fanboys. These guys happen to like another FF game more than FF7, and because their favourite game isn't as loved or respected, they have devoted 90% of their message board posts to exclaiming how FF7 is overrated, or downright s***ty.

Anyway, I've been playing Zelda since the first one on the NES. I still have the full map I drew in the instruction booklet. I've played every Zelda game since then...except MM. I may hate the gameplay, but that's because I'm just the type of gamer that hates being timed.

Thank you. I wish more people were as reasonable as you.
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#145wiiking96Posted 4/27/2013 4:17:56 AM
P00DGE posted...
Except it doesn't execute what it's trying to do well at all. For example, when a lot of my time spent playing the game is actually spent waiting around for time to advance far enough to unlock a certain event I have to do (even after using the song of time to make time go faster), that's very poor execution of the central game mechanic.

It sounds like you just didn't take advantage of the system. Two things that are worth noting about Majora's Mask are

A) The game gives you enormous freedom.
B) It's very easy to traverse the world once you hit all the owl statues.

While waiting for a certain event to take place, you could be
A) Looking for rupees for the two rewards from the bank
B) Talking to NPCs to get possible insight on other side quests
C) Exploring areas you previously rushed by, looking for heart pieces and whatnot
D) Re-completing a previous dungeon by defeating the boss, allowing you do more things in a particular area

There's a lot of strategy involved with the 3 Day system; you need to plan ahead before heading into another day. Some people enjoy that element of strategy, some people don't.
More villains need to be protagonists. BIS proves it can work.
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#146DavCubePosted 4/27/2013 10:28:16 AM
It's cool to hate EVERY Zelda game. Trust me, you see it everywhere. Hell, we don't even have a press picture like we did for the original Skyward Sword reveal and that's STILL enough for people to suddenly turn on that game. It's like a switch being pulled, once a new game is announced they feel it's all right to hate the game they were praising a few months ago.
#147Retroxgamer0Posted 4/29/2013 2:42:38 AM
sa2bmaster posted...
SigmaHaciel posted...
The biggest issue with MM is also the most ridiculously easy issue to bypass.

Anyone who whines like a ***** about the time thing hasn't played the game for more than 5 minutes.

I beat the game and I still hate it. I just want to gather a bunch of rupees and go from one dungeon to the next. Don't add in tedious stuff to just make it seem like the game is rushing you, I want to take my time, not having to worry about if I can finish the dungeon on time or not.. And as I said before, the game is good and most of the gameplay is great, it's just the time thing is really frustrating and doesn't seem like it is needed for a good zelda game.

you have almost 4 hours to finish a dungeon, is that enough time for you?
#148wh0_kn0wsPosted 4/30/2013 7:31:04 AM
i loved it, but the final battle is literally 'press A to win'. it looks awesome, but my god was it disappointing.
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#149ShadowMario3Posted 4/30/2013 8:11:10 AM(edited)
From what I recall, it wasn't a popular Zelda game back when it came out, but the fanboys slowly started getting more vocal after Twilight Princess came out. BEN helped as well. Once the OoT 3D remake came out, the fanboys became even more vocal, feeling that they were entitled to a remake. That's why there are more haters for the game (though I personally never really liked the game at all).
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#150Phantom_NookPosted 4/30/2013 8:44:29 AM
wh0_kn0ws posted...
i loved it, but the final battle is literally 'press A to win'. it looks awesome, but my god was it disappointing.

not even close
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