Another Donkey Kong Land topic (one of only a few)

#1Thenumber1yoshiPosted 4/26/2013 1:17:45 PM
Ok I know I've posted two before but those were both ages ago. Anyway like said and asked before I'd really like to see the Donkey Kong Land trilogy on the Virtual Console and I know they weren't as great as the SNES games but they were still good for the kind of hardware Nintendo and Rare had to work with at the time (remember this was even before Nintendo was able to have color on their handheld systems and the last game in the Land trilogy was the only one to get a GBC release and even then only in Japan), and I've wanted to play them the legit way but as I said I'm worried that since the SNES Donkey Kong Country trilogy was taken off Wii VC that it makes it less likely we'll see the Donkey Kong Land trilogy on the 3DS Virtual Console.

I know I was told to get a cart but there are a few problems that prevent me from doing that, anyways I do play through emulation but that will never run as smoothly as playing it the legit way (especially since my family's computer runs sluggishly)

Anyways I hope there are some people who still want to see the Donkey Kong Land series on 3DS VC, I've only ever played the second one the legit way a long time when I was in elementary school, and only briefly as I didn't even own the game.

So can the DKL trilogy still come to 3DS VC or do you think it's not likely due to the DKC trilogy being pulled off the Wii VC? I hope some people want to see it appear on there. I mean they're some of my most wanted GB games I want to see on 3DS VC, as well as one of my most wanted GB series in general I want on there.

Anyways I'm sorry if I overdid it in the length department in how long this text is I ask that you please don't attack me for it because I'm not out to upset anyone.
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I got a copy of DKL on Amazon for $4, so I'm really not too concerned about whether it makes it to VC or not.
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Not gonna happen.

Just get Donkey Kong Country Returns when it releases instead.
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esoteric42 posted...
Not gonna happen.

Just get Donkey Kong Country Returns when it releases instead.

Except for one thing. I despise Donkey Kong Country Returns since it went out of it's way to exclude just about as much DKC series staples and elements as it possibly could to the point where it hardly had anything from the original Donkey Kong Country games in it. I also despise it for other reasons like the whole not balancing the difficulty out and slapping the stupid "Do it for you" Super guide to encourage players to give up. Believe me when I say I hate DKCR and will never see it as even being worthy of the Donkey Kong Country name much less even worthy of being compared to them, why the people around here are so die hard to say it plays exactly like the old games I'll never know, right down to the point where they say the mine cart physics are exactly the same (they're not) or defending the stupid blow mechanic saying that was a good addition to the game and going as far to treat Retro like they're some kind of godly video game developers thinking anything they make is perfect to the point where if turds came with their games or even just DKCR people here would still praise them for it.

Everyone else may call Retro Studios the new Rare but to me they are completely unworthy of that title and only the company with the majority of Rare's old staff is the only company I consider worthy of that title (not Rare itself but whichever company that has most of the talented people that left Rare and are at that company now)