Nintendo are desperate.

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Wow, it forever for someone to notice that. Corporations and companies are always singular.

Not everybody uses American English. As somebody already said, British English treats collective nouns (corporations, departments, etc.) as plural. It isn't incorrect just because it isn't the way you do it.
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I dont think thats the same.

How isn't it?

It's a modified version of the control that helps you play certain games better.

Which is exactly what the Circle Pad Pro is. You seem to be under the impression it's required for something, which isn't true.

Because a second analog has been standard in gaming controllers for over a decade. Games have evolved to adapt to the utility of a second analog.

Turbo controllers weren't a standard on controllers with NES/SNES and completely optional, nor did they ever enhance a game in a natural way. To imply that it's the same thing is really, really stupid.

It's like saying the Holocaust and capital punishment are the same thing "because people die in both".

Oh look, Godwin's Law in action.
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I just learned something today. That is a rarity on Gamefaqs.

Now where is the TC from?

Topic still sucks though.
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....ok why the hell was the HOLOCAUST brought into this
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Nintendo IS desperate

By the way I'm not agreeing with you TC just fixing your grammer

Wow, it forever for someone to notice that. Corporations and companies are always singular.

Oh, and the topic sucks too.

You really should make sure that your English is correct before you go pointing out the mistakes of others.
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....ok why the hell was the HOLOCAUST brought into this

When one tries to come up with an analogy, they try to make sure it has the proper force to bring across the point they're trying to make.

Bringing up something involving Nazis is the equivalent of nuking the site from orbit, just to be sure.
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