i really want to play FE:A

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wanting a system to play one game then complaining about the price and system colors who is the cry baby now looks like you can't spend 200+ on a toy because that is really what it is

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but holy crap i find it hard to justify spending a little over $200

Just another cheapass, nothing to see here folks,

Sorry we don't have cash to throw around like you.

I don't have cash to throw around.
I, a high school student with no job, was able to buy a 3DS at launch 2 years ago for $250.
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Aren't there more color choices in the US now? I didn't like the blue or red either. I bought the pink XL a few months ago. I thought there were other shades now, too. Plus there's the glorious AC pop-tart edition out in less than two months. I think that one looks fantastic.
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no, no you do not
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