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Will there be some sort of Christmas holiday sale?ReMaster88212/18 11:19AM
Do you think Nintendo of America will do another free game promotion?harvesthero312/18 10:55AM
No picture for 15 secs when I turn system on after latest update.
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Ron19891112/18 10:40AM
Help please.. (technical knowledge)xoftheuniverse812/18 10:22AM
So instead of a Super Princess Peach 2, how about a Super Rosalina?!Spade21X812/18 10:14AM
The next North American 3DS VC release will be...Crash_Override9512/18 9:48AM
I don't get the point of homebrew in this age of indies (Closed)
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Primum_Mobile3412/18 9:41AM
Do .mpo's work on the new 3DS?Whinpful412/18 9:32AM
What happens if you use multiple SD cards?DukeGogoat712/18 9:31AM
Now that Fantasy Life has been out a little while...
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medmuscle2512/18 9:15AM
The "NEW" 3DS
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blacksinow3312/18 8:41AM
So uhh... Merchant games
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NonomiyaNono1212/18 8:13AM
My dream 3DS game (super smash bro's style fps or 3ps)alexg1989612/18 7:40AM
Steel diver sub wars update 4.1 available nowDinglesteed912/18 7:32AM
Why is my R button creaky?MrL212/18 7:15AM
Rosanna meets Shigeru Miyamoto.
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Chenmaster22912/18 6:47AM
Got My 2DS and I Love It.esoteric42912/18 6:43AM
Will you be supporting Yacht Club Games anymore? (Shovel Knight Devs) :
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IzuZkb3212/18 6:13AM
365games are now stocking New 3DS accessoriesmtpfreak112/18 5:46AM
Is Kid Icarus Uprising really that rare?
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MetalGearOnAcid3912/18 5:37AM